Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here We Go Again . . .

Looks like the other shoe has dropped: the Lord of the Rings trilogy is headed to Blu-ray next Spring! Read Mania's reporting of the news for more details.

So yet again I'm faced with the painful dilemma to triple-dip or not. See, I already own both the theatrical set and the extended edition set on standard DVD. Which, if you'd watched either set, you would know that calling them "standard" would be a gross misunderstanding. But considering these are my favorite fantasy movies of all time--and favorite trilogy behind the original Star Wars--I find myself sorely tempted to own the most definitive version out there.

True, these are only the theatrical copies we're talking about. If I were to shell out the money for a triple-dip, it would be for the extended edition on Blu-ray. Which, rumor has it, is going to see release on the format at a later date.

So as usual this means decisions, decisions by yours truly. Oh the agony!

And, hey, looks like Hitler predicted this would happen all along! If you don't have any clue what I'm referring to, hearken back to this blog post I wrote a few weeks ago concerning the "downfall" of HD-DVD and re-watch the video clip at the end. That's right: Adolf knew this would be a big deal, too!

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