Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Day

Well, that day I look forward to all year long has come at last!

What am I referring to? Why, my last day at the office before my annual two-week vacay. The next time I'll be back, the calendar will say 2010!!!

I almost never do anything during these two weeks off at the end of the year. Maybe I'll clean the house, maybe I'll play video games (like Uncharted 2 this year, or Prince of Persia last year), maybe I'll write.

All or none of the above.

It doesn't matter, I can do whatever I want. That's the whole point! What I won't be doing, is stressing over the holidays. I could really care less at this point. I've decided not to get gifts for ANYBODY this year. Except, of course, my darling wife. She deserves it. And besides, I'm not a complete Scrooge!

Oh, and the kiddies will be getting gifts. Because no kid should ever go without something shiny and wrapped in flimsy paper under the tree at this time of the year. It's just INHUMANE! There should be a law against it.

But because the kiddies in question are on Lisa's side of the family, she'll be dealing with all their gifts. Less worry for me. Here's how the conversation went the other day with our 2 yr old nephew, Chandler:

LISA:   "Chandler, what do you want for Christmas?"

NEPHEW (big smile):   "Presents!"

LISA:   "What kind of presents?"

NEPHEW:   "Christmas presents!!!"

lololol . . . That boy cracks me up, no doubt about it. But at least he's clear on what he wants. If only the rest of us could approach life so.

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