Saturday, December 12, 2009

With This Ring . . .

On her way out the door to work, Lisa stopped in the elevator, held up her hand, and wiggled her ring finger.

"You done good!"

LOL! It cracks me up that even to this day, over 4 years since we've been married, she still gushes over the rings I picked out. Especially her engagement ring, which she never stops admiring. I have to admit, it is a lovely ring. I put a lot of time and research into picking just the right one. A ring I just knew she'd love. Unlike some women, Lisa didn't want to pick it out herself. She wanted to be surprised. And she trusted that I knew her well enough, which I did. She never saw it coming, the day I proposed. And she thinks it's the most perfect diamond ring in the WORLD!

We're not a materialistic couple in the slightest. Our lives don't revolve around money, or the ostentatious flashing of trinkets that money can buy. But in this one thing my wife is not abashed. She's amazed that it sparkles just as brightly and clearly as the day I slipped it on her finger while riding a horse and buggy through Central Park. And although at the time I couldn't afford the biggest diamond, I did really push to make sure I had the highest clarity rating and color grade you could get. Makes a big difference, it does.

Someday, maybe, I'll get her a bigger carat size. But I don't know. This one has sentimental value, and I doubt she'd ever want to part with it.

So, yes. I guess I done good. Done real good!


  1. Beautiful and Congrats on 4 wonderful years. May you have many more together. :)


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