Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funny Batman: Arkham Asylum Review (And More)

I've posted links to this guy's video reviews in the past, but now it seems I can finally embed the videos. So, YAY!!!

Anyway, Ben Croshaw (aka, Yahtzee) operates a weekly web series off of The Escapist website, called "Zero Punctuation." The title of the show refers to his super fast-paced, breathless style of reviewing the latest games and trends in the gaming field. Yahtzee's a displaced Brit now working in Australia, but he's mostly known for his acerbic wit and wholesale slaughtering of certain game titles many people hold so dear and near. Seriously, this dude really eviscerates a game in the most brutal, yet infectiously HILARIOUS, of ways! He hates pretty much 9.5 out of 10 games that come across his desk, and is not afraid to tell you why. His points are punctuated (no pun intended) by juvenile and crude, but cutesy, paper cut-out animations that need to be watched closely for their surprisingly witty subtlety.

Check out his review of last summer's Batman: Arkham Asylum game to get an idea of what I mean. Actually, this is one of the few games Yahtzee really LIKES. Of course, he has to find something to bitch about . . . but if you know Yahtzee, this amounts to receiving a commendation from the President!

Now, if you enjoyed that and would like to view more like it, click on this link to get to a page collecting all the Zero Punctuation reviews dating back to time immemorial. If you would like an idea of how caustic Yahtzee can be with a game he actually hates, check out the review for the game Wet embedded below.

I almost never agree with his slamming of most games, but the reviews are still enjoyable to watch. And he does make astute observations about certain annoying aspects, of which Wet has quite a few.

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