Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Used To Be A Poet, Once . . .

Reading over my friend Dion's blog, I realized that I, too, wrote poetry once, back in the days long forgotten. I used to write a lot of sappy teen angst romance poetry in high school (yeah, go figure). But when the girl I had written them for was too afraid to defy her strict parents and go out with me, I'd realized how maudlin I was being and snapped out it. I wrote a few poems for Lisa a few years later, but that was short-lived as well. I simply grew out of the need to write such silly things, I suppose. I never did consider myself much of a poet, anyway. My focus was more on writing prose, always has been.

But then a few months after I graduated college in 1998, I was bored at work and decided to give it one more try. The result is what you see below. It reads more like a metal rock ballad, but I assure you that wasn't intentional. As you'll soon see for yourselves, however, this is why I don't write poetry anymore. LOL!

Lost In Vain (The Reaper's Theme)

Born before the sun invaded the sky,
I wandered the darkness aimlessly.
Watched as creation covered the land,
My purpose bloomed unfoldingly.

I'm the nightmare you wake screaming from,
Do you fear me, dare defy me?
From the darkness of your soul here I come,
Do you hear me, dare deny me?

I'm the creature men fear most,
They leave me in the rain,
Sin and guilt I love them both,
I'm a connoisseur of pain.
Years cannot hide my bloody past,
There's no glory or no gain,
Your day you fear has come at last,
With your dreams lost in vain.

When Mankind climbed out of the sea,
I hunted your world in wanton glee.
Laughed at your gods, danced in the wind,
While your mothers cried incessantly.

I'm the gripping terror of a wolf's call,
Do you loathe me, dare to love me?
My name’s unknown yet feared by all,
Do you know me, care to test me?

I'm the nightmare you fear most,
Your heart is mine to reign,
The ultimate predator, this I boast,
Thy soul is mine to claim.
Throw of God's dice, your fate I cast,
There's no glory or no gain,
Your day you fear has come at last,
With your dreams lost in vain.

Thanks, Dion, for getting me to remember this. And thanks for inflicting this anew on the world.

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