Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Week . . .

And just got my 2nd rejection this week. Different story submitted, different venue, same result. *sigh* And to think, last Sunday I had positive vibes for this week. Shows what I know. At least the response from the editor was peppered with light praise on the writing. That's better than being told my story bored them to death (which has happened).

On the plus side, I've racked up an impressive list of rejections over the past year. I mark all my sold stories in bright green ink in my tracking program, and all my rejections in crimson. The list now looks like it's bleeding from multiple orifices. *hint, hint*

But I shall soldier on . . .


  1. Hang in there.

    I'd rather been a failure at doing something than a success at doing nothing.

    You're on the right path.

  2. Heh, heh. I like the way you put that, Kim. :)


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