Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Space

With the purchase of an HDTV for the living room last month, I decided it was time I posted up a few pics of the spaces around the apartment where I spend most of my time. I'm a self-admitted homebody. I really have very little use for the outside world and prefer to spend most of my free time holed up at home finding many various ways to amuse myself and my darling wife. When I'm not chained to the day-job desk, that is.

Hey, I worked hard to secure a nice little comfy hole in the wall to call our own. Why not put it to good use, right? Besides, have you seen the outside world? Uh, yeah, I think I'll live a little longer if I keep myself away from that mess as much as possible.

Anywho, on to some pics:

This is the entertainment center in our living room. That's a 37-inch LCD HDTV--the only size that would fit in that space and not be too ridiculously small for comfort. Considering we only sit 8 feet away from the tv, it's the perfect size for our needs! If you look closely (or click on the image to make it bigger), you'll see a PS3 snuggled in the perfect little spot just beneath the tv. I use it less for gaming and more for watching DVDs, Blu-rays, Netflix streaming videos, and downloaded tv shows beamed from my PC in the other room. Like the commercials say, Sony's machine really "only does EVERYTHING!" And below the PS3 (to the left) is the Wii. It mostly collects dust as the Wii really is only interesting to people who don't know *real* games. I use it to play old NES and Genesis games from my youth, but beyond that it sees most use from Lisa and her workout games like EA's Active and Wii Fit Plus.

These are my DVDs and Blu-rays. I haven't had a chance to integrate my newly purchased Blu-ray titles into the stacks, but I'll get to it eventually. I'm slowing down on my movie purchases as the money really is better used elsewhere (like savings and travelling and such). But every now and then it comes in handy to have a sizable movie collection to choose from without having to leave the house or wait for long download times.

This is a wider shot of our sunken living room.

And this? Why this is my "den" -- my home within a home. This is the room I go to when I need to be on my own. I do many things in this room: play video games, workout, surf the net. But most importantly, this is where ALL my writing takes place. In fact, that's the room's most important function. Because when I close the door . . . it's all business, baby!

Close up view of my work area. Pretty standard, really. Desktop PC, scanner, printer, modem, wireless router, and landline phone. The boombox on top works, but is mostly for show. I can't remember when was the last time I played music out of a dedicated music player that wasn't my iPod or PC's CD drive. Sign of the times, eh?

My books! I have a lot of books--and this is only the half of them! What you see is a vast assortment of geekery: genre titles, comics (graphic and HCs), game guides, China-related scholarly tomes, and a crap load of various monthly science magazines I subscribe to. I really need to get magazine collector's bins to gather up the several hundred issues I've amassed. Ugh! There's a nice collection of sci-fi/fantasy pulp mags hidden beneath the pileup along the bottom shelves, too. As you can see, there is no end to my eclecticness (yes, I know that's not a real word).

My gaming set-up. Here I have a 23-inch HDTV. Might sound small, but it does the job for such a compact space. If your eyes are sharp enough, you'll spy an Xbox 360 parked underneath the TV, yet another PS3 to the right of it (and this one used strictly for gaming), and in the corner is a huge pile of junk consisting of game cases, errant DVD and Blu-ray movies, and a few dozen gaming magazines and guides. On a lonely day (which is any weekend when Lisa has to work the night shifts), you'll find me in this room rolling back and forth between writing on the PC and gaming on the tv. One of these days I'll figure out a way to get a job doing both, maybe? Would make sense.

On the other side of the same room is my workout space. Nothing much to talk about here. I spend six days a week torturing myself into keeping fit, usually immediately when I come home from work. I've got the standard bench with a few pneumatic pulls and resistance bars thrown in. On the floor are my various loose weights. The curl bar has 120 lbs on it, which is quite a pain in my ass to curl. The straight bar currently has only 40 lbs on it, but I add more when I want to do squats and lunges. The dumbbells are 45 lbs each. And on the bench I'm pressing close to 230 lbs, which is the max it will go. I'm going to need to register with a gym at some point if I want to go any further in my weight training goals. Of course, there's nothing like the bare floor for classic push-ups and crunches.

And last but not least, my treadmill. Me and this baby have a contentious relationship, but honestly this right here is the real key to my success at staying in shape. This is my second machine, as the first one finally gave up the ghost earlier last year. It's a beaut! I run 4 miles two days a week, and then 6 miles on Sundays. Once in a blue moon I switch to running 3 miles every single day for 2 months straight, just to mix things up.

The real boon of having a treadmill, though,  is two-fold: 1) I get to set it at a steep incline for a real burning workout; and 2) Probably the most important part -- I get to watch tv while I run! Don't laugh, you wouldn't believe how fast time flies when you run while watching an engrossing nature program or history documentary.

So there you have it! These are the things I spend the majority of my time doing. I love having a big apartment that I get to do whatever I want in. And as you can see, why would I ever seek to venture outdoors? Sure, I do get out quite a bit when the mood strikes me. But really, this is where I'd rather be almost all the time.

I know years from now, when we're living in our house and maybe have little ones running around, that I'll look back on the time we lived in this nice little apartment and feel a twinge of nostalgia. So, here's to having pics for posterity!


Kim Kasch said...

My space is not so organized.

Plus, you reminded me of a quote from Zombieland: "I treated people like zombies before they were zombies."


David Batista said...

Yup, that quote in Zombieland resonated with me exactly for those reasons, Kim! :) I'm not awkward or shy like his character in the movie is . . . my homebodiness has more to do with being cynical of the human condition.

I don't trust easily and tend to think the worst of strangers until I actually get to know them. Or, more likely, they get to know ME!

These are qualities that, like in the movie, would probably make me the ideal candidate for zombie apocalypse survival.

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