Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Poster Plagiarization, Redux

If you recall back in August, I addressed the issue of promotional billboards copying each other as of late. In particular with regards to the new (at the time) movie posters for Jennifer's Body, which were disturbingly similar to the promotional art for HBO's vampire series, True Blood. You can click on the posting here to refresh your memory.

Well, now it seems we're back at it again. This time between two popular genre tv shows. A poster for the upcoming and final season of ABC's Lost has been released, biting off the same Da Vinci's "Last Supper" motif which Battlestar Galactica used for the promotional art going into its own final season. Jeez, people, can you put a little more originality into this? Check out both posters for yourself:

Now, I give credit to Battlestar here. Yes, The Last Supper is an original piece of art from the man who put the Renaissance into "renaissance man" himself, Leonardo Da Vinci. But BSG was making an obvious parallel here given the direction the plot of the overall series had been steering for the past couple of seasons. And after actually watching the final season, the allegory of the Battlestar poster makes literal sense, too.

Not so with the Lost poster on top. Given what we know of the story so far on Lost, the allegory in this case is rather ham-fisted and silly. Yes, we get it, Locke is the deus-ex-machina of the show. He tries so hard to be the "Jesus" guy with all the answers and who will save civilization. But I always got the feeling that he's really the butt of some terrible cosmic joke. We shall see what really happens once the season gets under way, of course. But, really, I think the poster is just lazy PR once again. Just like with the Jennifer's Body ad. I think someone on the Lost PR account was so enamored with the BSG poster, that they just *HAD* to join in on the fun and steal some of that thunder.

Blech! I hate the Lost poster. It's so cheesy looking. But worse yet, it's blatantly biting off Battlestar Galactica, one of the finest sci-fi tv shows of all time. The BSG ad is dramatic and kind of foreboding. The Lost one, it's just goofy! If I didn't know better, seeing this artwork, I would think that Lost was a comedy of sorts. Wouldn't you?

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