Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Tale Of Two High School Yearbook Photos

This week on Facebook is supposed to be the unofficial throwback retro week, in which members post as their profile pics old embarrassing fotos of when they were young and all fresh-faced. Like a lot of people, I chose to use a picture that was taken during senior year of high school for the yearbook. Of course, since this is me, there is a little story that goes along with the pics you see below.

As all of you are aware, I'm sure, when you get your senior yearbook fotos taken early in the year, you get a set of proofs from the photographer a few months later, and then choose the ones you want to make multiple copies of to give to family and friends. At the same time, you also pick the foto that will be used in the yearbook roll call section.

Well anyway, I chose the pic seen above as the one I wanted duplicated and disseminated to all my peeps. And why not, right? I mean look at it! I can tell you right now, that's not a fair and accurate representation of me as I looked at 17. My friends and wife say it is, but I know better. You would almost think I was some sort of Romeo, breaking hearts left and right, by that somewhat mysterious, yet saucy, expression on my face. All I can say is--such are the marvels of modern retouch photography! That soft glow, the sparkling twinkle in my eyes. Yeah, RIGHT! (haha)

Anyway, when I got my multiples in the mail, seems some fool misread my order and gave me about 50 copies of the following pic instead:

ARGH!!! I was so pissed! This, incidentally, was my yearbook photo. Somehow the geniuses at the lab thought the box I had checked for yearbook foto was also the same box for my friends & family fotos. Damn! But I had no recourse. It was late in the year, and everyone else in my class were already handing out their pics to all their friends. I feared that if I sent them back, I'd never get my new pics. So I sucked it up and just accepted my fate.

But yes, just for the record, it was always the first one that I'd intended to be in people's wallets. And, so, now I'm making up for all these years of angst by making it my official Facebook profile pic for a little while. To all my high school-era friends and family, this is me setting the record straight. Personally, I *hate* my official yearbook photo. And now you know.

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