Saturday, June 25, 2011

So, New York . . .

Ya did something good for once, did ya? I'm glad, my home state you. And -- phew!

If you don't know, New York just passed a momentous law into effect that will make gay and lesbian marriages legal here. This makes it the 6th and largest state to do so.

I have to say, all the arguing back and forth over the past several weeks was really starting to make my blood boil. I think it's utterly ridiculous to disallow two human beings from marrying. This isn't marriage between a woman and her horse, or a man and his dog, after all. These are PEOPLE, people. Damn!

And, you know what? I don't give two shits what your religion says on the subject. Although I think if some of you go back and read your relevant sacred texts more closely, you'll probably realize that you're more wrong on the subject than you previously thought. But I won't get into that here.

No, I don't care about the religion angle because the law has nothing to do with religion. Read up on your separation of church and state sometime . . . our Founding Fathers explicitly put that part in there. The bible has a nice little comment about giving Caesar his due and what not, too. The point being, let the government handle the legal side of things while the church handles the spiritual side -- and neither the two shall meet!

And, at least for now, New York State has taken a major step in keeping those sides firmly apart. There's more that can and should be done, but that also is a topic for another day. For now, I'm proud and at peace. I'm happy any day justice and equality is to be had, and bigots get to go home to cry in their cups. I also expect that church services all across the land this Sunday will be a particularly lively event, which too makes me cackle with glee.

Ah, such are the amazing times we live in . . .


  1. Good comments, David, and well done NY. State and religion should be kept separate. Debates like this make my blood boil too. The one that always makes me fume is repeated attempts to get Creationism taught in science class -- please don't get me started...

  2. Live and Let Live -that's my motto! For once, I'm liking NY! hehehe :)


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