Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling A Tad Inadequate, Are We?


When are people going to learn: when you don't got it, you don't got it?

I'm getting sick and tired of this whole gender "debate" over Caster Semenya, the South African 800 meter world champion who's been in the news a lot lately over stupid people claiming that she won only because she's really a man. Or at the very least, that she has male sex genes.

Are you serious? Really? Is that how lame international sports has become? Because a black woman is dominating a given field, she obviously must be a man or some sort of freak of nature? Let's get real, people, and face the truth: your country's runners just can't cut it any more.

I mean, just look at the above photo. Does nothing look more pathetic than that one white woman trying so desperately not to let the master race down?

Okay, okay . . . I'm being snarky now and I apologize. After all, Semenya isn't just dominating flabby white women the world over, she's dominating the sport of running period! No matter which country you hail from -- Denmark or Kenya -- Caster Semenya is going to make you look stupid. But at least, as this article demonstrates, she seems to have a good attitude about it all. She knows she has nothing to prove to anyone else beyond the evidence her feet provide out on that track.

So instead of celebrating this young phenom, why are we wasting time with nonsense about her gender? What, because she doesn't fit some people's Westernized ideals of "beauty" she's suddenly a man? Well, who asked you? To me the very fact she kicks ass in her profession makes her ultimately beautiful in my eyes. Nothing's more sexy than a champion, as they say.

And with today comes new images taken from an upcoming issue of You magazine, showing Caster out of her usual track gear and wearing what her detractors would consider more appealing feminine garb. You is definitely trying to make a point, but personally I don't see why this much was even necessary. Only paranoid white people seem to be getting up in arms over her gender. Not South Africans, the magazine's intended readership, that's for sure.

As for the rest of us . . . she looks just fine. Just fine indeed.

So keep up the good work, Ms. Semenya. I look forward to seeing you embarrass more European and American nations at the 2012 Summer Olympics. You've got my cheers.


  1. Not you, Kim! You're like super mom on super steroids! Most people don't even have one quantum your energy levels. :)


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