Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well Iran And North Korea Have More In Common Than Just Illegal Nukes

They're also very quick to brand outsiders as "spies" whenever someone wanders by accident over their vague borders. Seems to me if you were concerned about spies slipping into your country, you might do a better job of policing said borders. At least put up some signs, sheesh!

I was just reading a brief account written by Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the two Korean-American journalists who were detained in North Korea and charged with being spies before being set free. You can read the details of their ordeal over at their employer's website,

I hope the N. Korean authorities are feeling rightly stupid about now. I mean, they couldn't have asked for more attention brought to the issue of defection if they'd paid good money for it. LOL, what dumbasses!

The report by the two women probably would have languished in moderate obscurity if they'd just let them stay on the other side of the border that fateful morning. By detaining them and thus bringing international attention to the ordeal, they've effectively ensured that a great deal of people will be paying attention to anything these two women say now about the plight of N. Korean refugees in China and abroad.

Nice going, guys. Seriously. You've made the jobs of humanitarians the world over a tad easier virtually overnight.

Thanks a million!

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