Monday, September 7, 2009

It Comes But Once Every Year, It Does

Ah, yes, it has come upon us ladies and gentlemen . . . that fine time of year where the Earth has completed one more rotation around the sun since the day I first opened my eyes to the wide world around me and thought: Fer god's sake, PUT ME BACK IN!!!

(Actually, in all probability, I probably preferred it out of the womb being that I was apparently in a rush and was born 2 months premature.)

Anyway, yes, today is my birthday obviously. I turned 33. No big deal, really. I like getting older for some reason. Makes me feel more accomplished. And so long as I'm still able to run 6 miles and lift increasingly hefty and dangerous weights with no problem, guess I have no reason not to be happy on this occasion.

So, here's to me on my day. Despite all the odds, I'm still here and going strong! :)

And here's a closer look at the fabulous cake Lisa got "commissioned" for me, courtesy of Billy's Bakery here in NYC:

And here's the evidence of my awesome b-day haul:

Yup, just like with the Apple iPhone my wife got me last Christmas, she has turned me ever closer towards the dark side, folks! Truth be told, I never would have deigned to stoop so low as to buy a Nintendo Wii outright. What true hardcore gamer would? But secretly I am very happy to have it. Setting it up was a breeze, and connecting it to the Internet via my wLAN even easier. Wii Sports is insipid, and I got bored of it after just 30 mins. But to be honest, I wanted the Wii mostly for the Virtual Console, which allows me to purchase and play TONS of old school Nintendo and Sega games, among others.

Those who know me and my gaming habits well know which classic game I purchased first. It's listed at Number 1 on this list for those who don't have a clue.

I'm still playing (and enjoying the hell out of) Batman: Arkham Asylum, so unfortunately the Wii is going to take a back seat for a little while. But not too long, I think.

To all the people throwing well-wishes my way on Facebook -- thank you so much! You guys bring a smile to my face. :)

As for the rest of the day's plans?: not much, really. It's Labor Day, so I'm going to grill up some burgers and dogs, and corn on the cob, too! But seeing as how there are no good movies worth a damn to watch out right now, I suppose spending all day at home ain't so bad. ANd I took the day off tomorrow, so as to properly enjoy my b-day while everyone else is at work. Heh-heh, yup. I'm spiteful like that!

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