Thursday, September 10, 2009

They Grow Up So Fast!

This is my nephew, Chandler (son of Lisa's sister), when we took him out to the mall last weekend. I can't believe this is the same chunky little baby I was just holding a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Why does time have to fly so swiftly?

Anyway, he's such a rambunctious little boy. Just turned two this past July, but he sure does get around. I think the biggest shock to me is hearing him talk and carry on full conversations now. It's uncanny! I swear, I'm not one to lapse into sentimentality over kids, but lately I've just been amazed by how quickly they can develop from little lumps of inactive flub (heh, heh) to energetic little grown-ups running around and spouting wise-ass comments they've picked up from the adults around them.

Just the other day Lisa called her sister and Chandler answered the phone. She had a nice little conversation with him, during which he informed his auntie that he was eating now and would have to call her back later. LOL! Then I got on the phone and he sounded very shy.

Me: "Hello, Chandler."

Chandler: "Happy birthday, uncle David."

Me: "Why thank you!"

Chandler: "You're welcome."

I gave the phone back to Lisa, but I didn't tell her how moved to tears I was just by that one snippet of dialogue. I just sat there amazed at how nature works, and the magnificence of it all. To watch and hear a baby develop and grow right before your eyes -- is that not as close to seeing real magic in the world as you can get? To hear this little 2 year old conversing so clearly and intelligently, I mean WOW!

I know it's mostly mimicry now, but some of it is not. Chandler gets all his phrases from his parents and big sister, as well as the cartoons he watches. But somehow he knows the right context in which to use these phrases, too, and that right there shows a crafty intelligence involved.

Amazing, right? I know it's nothing new to you parents out there, but it simply FLOORS me! :)

At some point Chandler told Lisa: "I'm going to knock your socks off!"

Ha-ha, we're still trying to figure out where he got *that* one from.

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  1. Nothing more rewarding that kids. :)

    But, nothing as challenging either. :(

    I always say, Being a parent is the hardest job you'll ever love.

    Maybe that's true for being an aunt/uncle too.

    I spend a lot of time with one of my nieces.


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