Friday, May 28, 2010

Decisions, Decisions . . .

Current dilemma:

Trying to decide, do I go see Robin Hood today after work, or Prince of Persia? Both are movies I really want to see, but both have also been getting disturbingly mixed reviews.

If this was the Ridley Scott of old, the choice would be easy. But I'm hearing he had a few missteps in the crafting of this latest Robin Hood. Or perhaps the subject matter is simply unfilmmable?

**EDIT:** Well, looks like I'm going with PoP for now. I'll probably get around to watching RH in theaters sometime in the following week. If I like PoP enough, I'll come back and post up my impressions. If not . . . well then, take my silence as its own verdict.


  1. I look forward to hearing your comments on PoP. I'm hoping to watch the movie sometime this weekend. If I do, I'll be posting a review as well. It'll be interesting to compare notes!

  2. let me know. jake g really put me off on persia. altho it USUALLY is a film i like. and it'a not over the whitewashing issues either.

  3. I don't care about the whitewashing issue, either. To be honest, I've met a few Iranians who look like Jake G. Or, I should say, who look rather Caucasian. Iran's a huge country with all sorts of interesting peoples, faces, and cultures intermingling. It's not uncommon to find "white" looking people--with blond hair and blue eyes, even--living in the North especially. I think people who claim whitewashing are being racist themselves. Their idea of a Persian is simply someone with dark skin and a turban on his head. And they think ALL Persians look the same. Some even think "Persian" and "Arab" are the same thing. Ignorance abounds.

    So, no, that's not my problem with this movie. But I'll talk about it in my brief movie review, which I'm posting up shortly.


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