Friday, May 21, 2010

Mmmm . . . Maggie Q!!!

I can't believe it. A new Fall show on the CW that I might actually watch! Looks like the folks over at the former WB network are reworking an old classic--La Femme Nikita--into a brand new show starring none other than Maggie Q. *squee!*

I was a huge fan of the movie (1990) and occasional watcher of the tv show (1997), especially because the latter would often involve crossovers with the same guest actors that would appear in Highlander: The Series and The Raven. Peta Wilson herself, the tv show Nikita, appeared in the 5th season episode of HL called "Promises." She was the Paris police Inspector investigating a political assassination.

But now Maggie Q is the new Nikita? OH. MY. GOD! I have the *hugest* crush on this adorable petite actress. I first took notice of her in the 3rd Mission Impossible movie. She was one of the best, if not THE best, things about that flick. She also had memorable outings in two other movies -- Die Hard: With A Vengeance and in Balls of Fury.

I'm not so sure I buy her as a kick-ass assassin. She must weigh all of 90 lbs soaking wet -- but darn, she sure is purdy! :) Plus, she's a hardcore veteran of quite a few Hong Kong action and kung-fu flicks over the years, so obviously she has the stage combat skills to at least look believable on screen. Which is a heck of a lot more than you can say about most actresses starring in these type of roles these days.

The clip below shows you a nice little slice of what to expect on the show. Check it out for yourself and drop a comment with your impressions. Personally, I'm heartened by the fact that it looks to have a fairly serious tone and not campy. That's always good.


thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

not a bad choice of actress... at least better than any of the charlie's angels i.e. starring lucy liu, cameron diaz and drew barrymore... drew barrymore should totally stick to romantic comedy... =.=|||

David Batista said...

Haha! I agree. :)

I truly despise Charlie's Angels. Well, more so the sequel. Bleh!

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