Monday, May 31, 2010

Three's Company . . .

Got an exciting e-mail today notifying me that another one of my short stories has sold, to Afterburn SF magazine in fact. Some of you may remember that I sold my first story to Afterburn over two years ago, called "Enemy of My Enemy", and which saw publication in Feb. 2009. This will make it three now, the number of stories I've sold and had published.

I couldn't be more proud to have my short appear in the magazine. They do quality work over there at Afterburn. Check them out by clicking the link above. Plenty of great stories to read from a variety of wonderful writers -- some of them of the newbie persuasion, others more seasoned. So I'll be in outstanding company.

The story I submitted is called "Minutemen" and should be appearing in the July 30th issue later this summer. I, of course, will be more than happy to remind people when the story goes live.

To say I'm thoroughly pleased is an understatement. I worked hard on that story and am so glad it will be seeing the light of day for all my friends to read. To all those who have already read it and provided me their critiques--and you know who you are--I am eternally grateful to you for your help and support. Could not have done it without you guys!

Off to celebrate now.


  1. HUGE CONGRATS! It's always nice to hear some of the good news! Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW, dude, that is awesome!! Congratulations! I wish you continued success!!

  3. Thanks, guys. I'm beaming from ear to ear. See? :)

  4. Wow! David, congratulations. I remember that story, really neat concept. I'm glad to hear it's found a home.

  5. Thanks, Ian! And for the helpful comments when I workshopped it during WoW, too.


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