Saturday, May 22, 2010

So, This Is What Happens When You Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

I stopped by the drive-thru at White Castle last night, and for the first time in what must be 18 months or longer, I helped myself to some wonderful sliders and a sack of chicken rings. Mmmmm -- YUM!!!!

Or so I thought.

Turns out my body was none too happy about the experience. No, I won't disgust you with any tales of indigestion or bathroom hijinks. It was nothing like that at all.

It's just that, I guess after going so many years with very healthy eating and workouts that border almost on the spiritual . . . my body is conditioned to the point that I really cannot enjoy greasy fast foods any more. I wonder how much of it is psychosomatic? Because not more than 30 minutes after I'd finished eating, I could literally *feel* my blood pressure rising and my heart beating faster. It felt the way I feel when I've eaten something far too salty. Which, god only knowing what they put into these burgers and sides, I bet is right on the money of what was really happening.

No worries, though. I drank a liter of water to dilute as much of it as I could. And today is Saturday, which means I'll get to do my really long workout which I can't do during the week due to time constraints.

In other words, all is good in the hood here folks! I just have to remember that my body can no longer abide by me trying to kill it with processed crap. I mean, all in moderation of course. I can eat a hotdog or go to McD's occasionally. Just got to remember that my body *will* react to it when I do now.

Consider this a lesson learned.


  1. we don't have new castle in malaysia... but i'm having WAY TOO MUCH mcD and maggie mee (a.k.a. instant noodles)... :P afraid my health will deteriorate as i grow older...

  2. I think my wife & I had noticed a similar thing with alcohol.

    Where we used to live, adult entertainment was almost exclusively predicated on getting drunk, and most of our social circle thought the same way. We thought nothing of packing away a couple of bottles of wine each, plus other drinks, over a meal, or a couple dozen cans of beer with an afternoon barbecue.

    Since we moved to Canada, we found that the people we mix with have a great time without need for lubrication. And our own attitudes have changed as a result.

    Now, it makes me feel queasy just thinking about that kind of quantity. I still enjoy the taste of wine and beer, but I rarely go for even a second drink now, simply because I feel content with little more than a taste.

  3. ShinLoo -- it's okay, I knew what you meant. :) And I have to say, this Maggie Mee place sounds delicious! If I'm ever in that part of the world, I must give it a try.

    Ian -- That's exactly how I feel about it. I think back to the way I *used* to eat 5 years ago and shudder at all the damage I was doing to myself. Stuff I used to chow down on then I can't even bear to think about eating now. But I guess this is a good reaction to have. I can honestly say I don't even crave those things anymore.


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