Monday, December 13, 2010

Milestone Weekend

Well, looks like my last entry achieved a milestone I should have been more aware of, but was not. Seems I crossed the 200 post mark for the year on The Bimillennial Man.

Wow, where has the year gone? And WTF did I have to blabber on about so much? Dunno. But I'm glad I can keep this blog going even despite my hectic schedule and other writing responsibilities. Portioning off specific times of the day to devote to various activities help. For one, I almost never blog at night. Night time is creative writing time for me. I'm useless in the morning and early afternoon when it comes to creative endeavors, so I usually reserve those times for less creative work. From years of schooling and the drudgery of working in an office, the daylight hours have rewired my brain for more mundane work and tasks which I can accomplish by rote.

Not that writing this blog falls under that category . . . but it hardly takes nearly the amount of mental resources as crafting an engaging narrative from scratch does.

Anyway, last year--my first full year of The Bimillennial Man--I was able to rack up around 230 posts. I'm not coming near that this year, nor does it really matter. But I will say that my commitment to keeping this blog from falling by the wayside has resulted in steadily increasing traffic numbers throughout the year. I won't say exactly what those numbers are (the truth is still embarrassingly low), but on a percentage scale I'm averaging almost a whopping 300% increase in the number of daily unique visitors to this site compared to the beginning of 2010.

And that, my friends, is simply CRAZY talk!!!

But I thank you all for continuing to join me on this journey. I know, according to my counter, that the majority of you are coming here for my Highlander Paris tours and trip report photos . . . but it's all appreciated. Your continuing interest in this site makes it all worthwhile, truly.

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