Monday, December 6, 2010

New Behind-The-Scenes-Footage On Game Of Thrones

So, HBO aired a behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming new show in 2011, Game of Thrones, last night before the season finale of Boardwalk Empire.

For most of us fans, this is our first really in-depth look at the faithfully recreated land of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, as adapted from the novel. And all I have to say is: this is so fucking AWESOME!!! No, seriously, I can't believe how much I've been geeking out over what I'm seeing. I was particularly worried about the snowy scenes in the North, beyond the Wall, since the original footage was shot using fake snow and it looked horrible. Either they re-shot these scenes with real snow, or else the CGI department worked over time, because now the snow looks fantastic! (I'm leaning more toward the latter explanation, btw.)

I'm really loving the Stark children. Sansa's not quite as I pictured her, but serviceable. And Arya is so cute as a button! She's a bit smaller than I remember her being in the book, but really she's supposed to be quite young, so this actress works. Anyone who has read the books know the trials and tribulations she's going to be put through, so I can't wait to see this adorable little girl mature along the way and kick ass like she does in the novels. Jon Snow is spot-on what I imagined him to look and sound like. Can't wait to see his scenes at Castle Black and beyond the Wall.

Anyway, as I promised earlier last week in this post, below you'll find the video clip of the program. Sit back, relax and enjoy. If you're new to the series and have never read the books, just know that everything shown so far is very close to the first book, with various small differences that are too minor, IMHO, to be worth crying over.

As before, if for some reason your PC cannot handle the embedded HBO movie player above, click here for the YouTube version of the same footage.


  1. It looks really interesting. It bodes well for the show that George R. R. Martin is involved with the production.

    This might be the first HBO original drama that I'd actually watch.

  2. He's only minimally involved from a technical standpoint. He's more of a glorified fanboy who knows anything and everything about the production, and teases us on his blog with cool casting clues done in riddles. A fanboy who just so happens to be the originator of the show's basis. :)

    But, um, yeah you've been missing out big time if this is the first HBO drama you'll watch. I would think someone like you would've been watched Carnivale, for instance. And I keep telling you that you would enjoy Treme. These aren't guesses on my part . . . they're FACT!!!

  3. I love HBO - I'll see about this.

  4. You should, Kim! It's looking to be a great and gritty fantasy, which will be a first for HBO. I know you once expressed admiration for the book cover when I posted it here a while back.


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