Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Awesome New Game Trailers In One Day!

So, anyone watch the VGAs over the weekend?

For those who don't know, Spike TV aired its annual Video Game Awards show Saturday night, this year hosted by none other than NPH himself -- Neil Patrick Harris! He and some of the other presenters flubbed up a few times, but all in all it was a decent show. I was a bit miffed that Heavy Rain wasn't even nominated for Game of the Year, though, despite the fact that the title which did win (Red Dead Redemption) was my very close runner-up for that particular honor. Seriously, though, Heavy Rain is the clear winner for me. I mean, DAMN I love that game!

Of course, the most important reason to watch the VGAs is for the exclusive sneak peeks at the upcoming big games of 2011. And in this category, Spike TV did not disappoint! A bunch of big trailers were shown--like Resistance 3, SSX: Deadly Descents, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Forza 4--and we also learned that Kratos will be playable in the next Mortal Kombat game, which is just off the chart AWESOME!

But to be honest, 3 particular trailers stood out for me above the rest. It helps, of course, that these are sequels to games I just absolutely adore, each representing in their own way what I consider to currently be the primo best titles in their respective genres and/or console platforms. I'm going to embed a clip of each teaser trailer for you to enjoy after the jump below, in ascending order of personal excitement. Even if you never played these games but are interested in gaming in general, you simply *must* check these out. Trust me on this.


Mass Effect 3

Oooh! This video is full of the shiny! It's so photo-realistic. But, more importantly, it reveals a shocking destination and mission for Commander Shepherd and company. When the camera zooms out near the end and you realize what's really going down . . . I swear I felt my heart skip a beat. Could it be possible? Did the developer answer the fans' prayers and damn us at the same time? I mean, we always wanted to be able to actually visit this planet in the games, but uh . . . not like this! Or maybe, precisely like this? Because I have to say, this is looking amazing so far! Judge for yourself:

The Mass Effect series has always been such an immense pleasure to play. I have to say, this is probably my favorite game universe in existence right now. In that, I actually wish I *lived* in this setting. It helps that every aspect of the universe just oozes cool sci-fi'ness and, as such, the ME games are the most SFnal titles available on the consoles right now. Yeah, that's right -- I'm sticking it to YOU, Halo!

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

You know what kinda irks me? That of all my friends who own PS3s, 95% of them still have not played any of the games in this series despite the umpteenth number of times I've relentlessly begged them to do so. Seriously you guys, I don't know how to put this delicately, so: WHAT THE FUCK are you waiting for? Listen, I cannot stress enough how much, without a doubt, you will LOVE these games. Do you like kick ass action and furious gun fights in confined spaces with your games? Do you like being able to use every piece of furniture in a room as cover in your games? Do you like seeing said cover get slowly shredded to shit with realistic particle physics by enemy AI as you cower and wait for an opening in your games? Do you like Indiana Jones-like excavations of ancient civilizations for lost artifacts that are ripe with booby traps you must use your brains to maneuver around in your games? Then what the hell are you waiting for? Go out and buy these games now! Or better yet, watch this teaser and realize just what level of EPIC you'll be missing out on by not spending the next year to familiarize yourself with Nathan Drake and friends. I wish I could erase my memories and play both titles over again fresh, that's how much an impact the experience has had on me:

Batman: Arkham City

Of course, I saved the best for last. The following teaser, after viewing it for the first time in all its glory, actually left me in risk of having a heart attack. I was just THAT pumped! The first game was just full of so much epic WIN, that the thought of the sequel possessing a map 5 times larger than that game simply blows my mind! And, yes, even though I know the footage below is all pre-rendered -- the fighting mechanics you see Batman employ in this trailer are EXACTLY what they are in the game. Trust me, after spending 15+ hours playing the original, I'm quite familiar with Batman's fighting style now. And the way he takes out these security guards on the roof is just how it feels to play the original game. Just like that! Anyway, why am I still typing? All you need is the footage. So, click play below, sit back, and . . . enjoy!

Oh, and how cool is that? Hugo Strange!!! Sure, admittedly, not as cool a villain as the Joker or Riddler, perhaps. But he's been one of the Bats reoccurring villains from pretty much jump. I believe he may actually predate the Joker, if I'm not mistaken. But here in this game he's looking completely badass! I so wish I could play this RIGHT. NOW!!!

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