Monday, December 27, 2010

Now This Is How You Remake A Show!

I don't know how many of you remember this, but back in 2008 NBC remade a classic show from my childhood called Knight Rider. Yeah, you might have heard of that one. Most 80s brats know it well. Aside from being a pretty cool show that all the kids were talking about in class the next day, what I remember most is the kick-ass intro. Usually, for me at least, a show's opening credits is what makes or break it in my mind. So when the rebooted tv series premiered over two years ago, one of the most pressing questions for my money was how well they handled the opening.

See for yourself: Here's the original opening from way back when . . . and here's the shitty 2008 intro.

Now, you tell me -- WTF was that? Setting aside the visuals, how can you take such an awesome musical theme as what you had with the original version . . . and then crap on it by going off on a completely different cue? And I tried to make the new show work, really I did. But in addition to the crappy cast and boring plots, having to listen to this new theme music just really pissed in my pudding. Blech!

And for a while there, it seemed The Powers That Be at the big networks were content to continue taking huge, collective shats on my childhood memories. Remaking shows from the glorious past and reworking the theme music. Anyone see ABC's V last year? Yeah, 'nuff said.

The people who make these decisions are idiots. How can you alienate the old time fans by completely slapping them in the face with intros that don't pay proper homage to the original shows? Who does that?

Well, I'm happy to say the folks over at CBS have done it right. Yes, I'm talking about the remake of Hawaii Five-O, which premiered earlier this Fall. Yet another favorite of mine from when I was just a wee tyke. And, if anything, it was a show with an even more memorable opener than Knight Rider! *gasp* So naturally I was ready to hate on this new 2010 update. Of keen interest to me was the extent to which they would mangle the famous brass instrumental music of the theme.

But, color me surprised! Not only is the show actually compelling and entertaining to watch, but the intro was clearly crafted by someone who loved the original opener and wanted to pay proper respect to the music. Below I'll post up a clip of the original 1968 opening sequence, followed by the 2010 one. Although the newer intro is far too short thanks to modern ADD sensibilities these days, I have to say I love this reworked theme. It still retains all of the important cues from the older theme, but with a nice contemporary interpretation that works just fine for this fan. Also, I love some of the visual ticks that the new one borrows from the original. Watch both clips closely and see if you can catch the similarities:

I don't know about you, but that alone made me HYPED to see this new show. And lo and behold it actually does not suck! If you have not checked out this series yet this year, do yourself a favor and catch up before the new episodes resume in late January. Particularly if you were even a middling fan of the original. This is remake television done right!

Plus, I love any show that is filmed in and supports the local economy of that wonderful island state of Hawaii. If for nothing else, it changes the tired scenery from so many shows which use L.A. or Vancouver as their filming base. So refreshing!


  1. I too love the show! It has compelling characters, intriguing stories, beautiful scenery, plus great acting!

  2. Great, Bianca! And I see you're a big fan of Alex O'Loughlin. :) Did you watch Moonlight when it was on the air? That was a cool show that I was sad to see canceled.


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