Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Surprising Things I've Done (Which You Likely Haven't)

There's a meme of sorts going around the SF writers' blogosphere lately, in which participants detail ten of the most remarkable things to happen to them in their lives -- experiences that most of us have probably not been privy to. In fact, even the current president and vice-president of the Science-Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have joined in on the fun. So, naturally you know I just had to add myself to this august list of goofballs.

Now, I must first make note that these 10 items are not meant as bragging rights. Honestly, some of the entries on this list are not the proudest moments of my life. Although a few are. Also, I'm sure *some* of you out there have done a few of these things, or at least something similar. But I'm willing to bet not many.

So, without further delay, here are my "Top 10 Surprising Things":

1. Chatted briefly with, and gave a hug to, Mother Teresa.

2. Got married in Las Vegas (although not by Elvis).

3. Had a full-length dream in Mandarin Chinese, complete with English subtitles.

4. Crashed into a speeding car head-on while riding a bike down a hill at top speed, and survived with no broken bones or emergency room visit.

5. Hiked 18 miles through a national park in one day while carrying a full pack with camping gear.

6. Drank a diluted cup of Clorox bleach and lived to tell about it.

7. Had picture taken and small blurb written about me in the New York Times.

8. Had eight shots of Tequila in one hour and not only did not die, but was still coherent afterwards.

9. Read a 350-page sci-fi novel in under 6 hours.

10. Gave James Gandolfini (Mr. Tony Soprano!) change for a $20 bill.

EDIT: If anyone would like elaboration upon one or more of the above points, ask me in the comments section below and I shall oblige. :)


thE gEOgrAphicAlly blind said...

No. 6... why would u do that????

David Batista said...

Almost all of the "bad" things on this list were done by accident . . . and when I was a child.

No. 6, for example, was because it was a very hot day and my mother left what looked like a cup of water on the sink near where she was doing laundry. I snatched the cup up and drank it without thinking. Then my gag reflex kicked in and I immediately voided the contents of my stomach on the spot.

Probably saved my life, that.

Ashe Hunt said...

No. 4. I remember that. You are proof that the human body is tough as hell and that there has to be some higher power(s) looking after us tiny beings.

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