Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guess It's A Virgo Thing

Cindy questioned my "virgo"ness when I admitted that I don't have much of a passion in showing off pics of myself. I have to say, it's a hard thing to do for someone used to being by himself and away from the center of attention.

But, as I mentioned before, I was cleaning out my grandma's house this weekend and came across some old pics I haven't seen in ages. So now I get to torture you with *gasp* MORE baby pics!

The one above was taken when I was just 1 years old. My mother was already pregnant with my brother, Jose (aka Joseph), but couldn't pass up the opportunity to take me to Woolworth's (remember that store?) and get this portrait taken. It's one of my grandma's favorites. She had this one framed, but something must have happened to it. I found it hidden in a dusty pile of books.

This was another Woolworth's portrait taken just before Easter when I was 5 years old. That's my brother, Jose, in the dark brown shirt. He's 4 here. There was a time when we would be mistaken for twins, but by this point our individual facial features had begun to take form.

This one is my personal favorite, although it is rather blurry. I'm on the left, my middle brother is on the far right, and my baby brother is in the middle. So from left to right it's: Me, Eric, and Jose. This was one of the last pics taken just before Eric passed away. I like it because he looks so happy here, hanging out with his bros. I miss him a lot, even all these many years later. He died tragically when he fell out of our 6th floor apartment window shortly after my 4th birthday. My mother was never the same after that night, and neither were me or my remaining brother.

Sorry about that. Didn't mean to get so sentimental. But I guess this is what happens when you go digging through memories; you have to expect the happy with the sad.


  1. I always wondered if you had any pics of Eric. You told me about him and knowing I didn't ask too much. Cute kid. Wish I had run into ya'll when we were all that young.

  2. OMG! The pictures are great, but what happened to you brother!!! So sad and sudden. I can see, as a mom, myself, that I would be forever changed by that and for you and your middle brother, Jose as well.

  3. Yeah, I have other pictures of Eric. We actually called him by his nickname, Eddie. I might post those at some point in the future.

    Sheri, yes. My grandmother told us that after his funeral my brother and I would make a place for him at the dinner table, thinking he was going to show up at any moment. We didn't understand what death was at the time, and I remember thinking he was just taking a nap in his coffin.

    Funny how little kids see the world differently, no?

  4. SO CUTE!!!!!

    i just want to gobble your cheeks up, and your brother's! =D thank you for sharing, david. and i'm linking to your duchess review. =)

    cause i can't say it better than you did...

  5. oh no, i was so excited about the cute fotos i commented before reading about your other brother. =( i'm so sorry. i can't imagine it, as a mother, and as sibling. *hugs*

  6. Oh, it's okay, Cindy. Thank you for your comments.

    I can't lie, what happened is probably why I'm so afraid of becoming a parent. I know you can't possibly prevent every tragedy, but in a way I count myself lucky I was too young to fully grasp the impact of losing my brother. I have no idea how my mother and gradmother dealt with losing their children.


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