Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I Like McCain

I'm doing something a little different today. Since my support for Obama is pretty obvious if you've read my previous posts, I've decided to take a step back and point out the good--rather than the awful bad n ugly--about "that other guy."

To be fair, I've never disliked McCain. Before this year, he was my favorite Republican. Actually, hell, even after this year he's still my favorite Republican. But back when he was running against Bush, I was *really* pulling for him (duh!) to win the GOP primary. I liked McCain back then because he was the more intelligent of the two, and because he was more likely to work across party lines than behind them. This is still true today. Unlike when Bush went up against Gore or Kerry, this election is different in that I honestly feel both candidates are intelligent and competent enough for the job. With Bush, it was frustrating because he was decidedly not.

I told Lisa a few months back that it was funny, but that I wouldn't be so upset if McCain did win the presidency. I mean, it would be a kick to the gut, but not nearly as bad as when Bush won (both times). If McCain were to win, I would be disappointed, but I wouldn't feel like exchanging my citizenship with Canada afterwards.

The problem with McCain is that I disagree with most of his policies. But at the same time, I'm also cynical enough to know that the president is really just the figurehead for other politicians' policies. So whether he's president or not, the country would still get run in pretty much the same way. Let's be real here.

But McCain is more level-headed than people give him credit for. I've been pretty impressed by his refusal to let his base dictate how to treat Obama. For better or for worse, a lesser politician would have gone for the jugular and made this a much bloodier campaign than it needed to be. It's true that the mudslinging from McCain's camp has been brutal, but I do get the sense that McCain himself has done a lot to mitigate the rabid lunacy of large portions of his base. He engages in fierce attacks of his own, to be sure, but only those he truly believes in. He doesn't let others browbeat him into a particular strategy, even when that strategy might be a winning one.

So, while this post isn't an announcement of my switching party sides, nor an endorsement of McCain's policies, I can admit that I do like the guy and think he could make a good president. In other words, I would feel safe with him in charge. And although it funny to poke fun of his age, I really don't believe he'd croak while in office. I mean, his mother is in her 90s and still coherent.

So, here's to a jolly good fellow in John McCain! He'd make a pretty cool Democrat, I think. Because, let's face it, he so wants to be one. :-)

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