Thursday, October 16, 2008

Which One Of These Is Not Like The Other?

Seriously, what's wrong with this picture? Or, another way of asking it: which one of these hugs doesn't look creepy and lifeless?

Anyway, as everyone knows, the 3rd and final (thank God!) of the presidential debates was last night. As I predicted, yet again no one candidate faltered much, although McCain is clearly the loser for not doing enough to stamp down the Obama express steamrolling through this nation.

Let me just make it clear, however, that just because Obama is leading by double-digits in the national polls doesn't mean that I honestly believe he has this election locked down. Never underestimate the conservative right. The magnitude of their Sith Lord-like brainwashing abilities is on the order of several hundred Palpatines. If Obama were a white man I would feel safe with this lead. The fact that he's not, and that people in general are notorious liars when it comes to polls, makes me still nervous as hell about November.

But, now that the debates are over, I think it's allowable to have at least some modicum of faith in the intelligence of the average American voter. Not a lot, but just a little.

Anyway, last night's debate was a fine one. Obama weathered a lot of McCain's rather obvious attempts to attack his character, so much so that I think the strategy backfired in McCain's face more than a few times. Obama was the candidate most interested in discussing the issues last night, and I think this is what many Americans took away from the debate.

And speaking of backfiring, I'll leave you with a rather humorous tidbit taken (and slightly edited) from last night's discourse. The snarkery on display in the edited comments is just your typical YouTube humor, but the source material is unaltered. Click to see the 1-minute clip for yourself, and pay particular attention to the thought bubbles and McCain's expression:

Heh, heh. McCain looks like a deer caught in the headlights. It must be offsetting to have someone actually defend himself against faulty accusations. Something McCain's probably not used to encountering from his base.

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