Friday, October 3, 2008

She Wasn't A Complete Retard, So I Guess This Means She Won

Seriously, the idiocy in the title statement is mind-boggling. But this is the consensus I'm getting from pretty much everyone polled today. The VP debate last night happened exactly as I predicted: Neither candidate would screw up big time, and Palin would come off better than most people were expecting.

But managing to not screw up on a nationally broadcasted debate and actually winning are two different things. I feel as if Biden had the tougher sell last night. People expect him to ace these things. At least, they do in comparison to Palin. So he had to not only maintain people's expectations, but actually surpass them in order to come off looking good. Palin, meanwhile, just had to not flub up her carefully rehearsed talking points and wink at the camera half a billion times. Which is what she did.

Biden clearly did the better job. He was relaxed, likable, and really knew his shit!

Palin, on the other hand, took plenty of opportunities to not answer the questions and instead offer up the latest fireside nugget of folksy wisdom to the country.

If that's the GOP's idea of a winner, then damn . . . I'd hate to see their loser. Oh wait, he's our President (ba-dum dum!)

And in case I didn't hit the message home hard enough, here's a sneak peek at Palin's debate flow chart:

Seems pretty accurate to me.

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