Wednesday, October 8, 2008

File This Under The Stupid But Funny Category

I'm a long-time watcher of Saturday Night Live. It's hit or miss most times, but occasionally they come up with stuff that is genuinely side-splitting hilarious. Around 3 years ago they started airing "Digital Shorts," spearheaded by cast newcomer Andy Samberg. The first short was a collaboration between Samberg and fellow castmate, Chris Parnell. "Lazy Sunday" (seen in the video link above) aired during the time that The Chronicles of Narnia hit theaters, and is about the quest of two friends in NYC to go to a Sunday afternoon showing of the movie . . . done in the style of a Beastie Boys-like rap video. :-)

Anyway, last weekend another Digital Short aired which I found strangely hilarious. In it, Samberg pulls of a funny impersonation of Mark Wahlberg from some of his earlier movies. Not as funny as Lazy Sunday, but I got a good chuckle out of it. See for yourself:

This kid is definitely smoking something. I don't know where he and the writers come up with this stuff!

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  1. SNACK ATTACK MUTHAFUKA!!! Yo, I still remember when you first showed me Lazy Sunday. I was rollin'! That shit will always be funny. My favorite line will always be, " Mr.Pibb and Red Vines = CRAZY DELLICIOUS!" Too damn funny. And he really did nail Marky-Mark pretty good. I'd like to know what the hell Samberg is on. I need some of that shit!


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