Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Amount Of Sheer Ownage Here Frightens Me!

Okay, okay . . . I seriously don't mean to beat a dead horse here. I mean, I'm over the whole Palin thing now. She's a joke, and not even the conservatives can comfortably vouch for her anymore. And besides, she's just a VP candidate. Who really cares about them?

But I just had to point you all in the direction of Keith Olbermann's latest rant last night on MSNBC in response to Palin's "terrorist" jabs at Obama, and her pointed disregard of the more pressing issue on people's minds these days: the economy.

I generally don't like angry, talking-head political commentators like this guy, but damn if he doesn't make a really good case against the idiocy that is Sarah Palin. I mean, the awesomeness of his attack is a sight to behold. But he does it in such a logical and dissecting manner that it's hard to point to anything in his rant that is not actually true. I mean, seriously. As the kids these days say, Sarah Palin just got seriously pwned! [sic]

Check out the video of the rant for yourself and decide. Warning, though -- it's about 10 minutes long. You don't have to watch the whole thing, just the first minute or two to see where it's going. But I guarantee you'll be entertained, if nothing else. :-)

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