Friday, October 31, 2008

Argh! San Diego - I'm So Jealous!!!

I've written here before about how jealous I am of West Coast people, especially you SoCal types. You get all the cool conventions, writing workshops, and concerts! Not to mention you're much closer to Hawaii and East Asia than I am (shorter plane ride). San Diego in particular seems to be absurdly blessed in this regard, and to boot has some of the best beaches and nicest weather in the continental U.S. Guess it makes up for all the earthquake and fire insurance, eh?

Anyway, as if I needed yet another reason to be green with envy at San Diego people, I've discovered this really cool bookstore I wish I could visit. It's a genre bookshop catering exclusively to Sci Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, and some Horror books. It's called Mysterious Galaxy, and is located in the Kearny Mesa section of San Diego. I found out about the store through one of the hosts of AISP's podcasts, Sam Wynns, who works there. She seems like a really cool person who has done a lot to promote the store's advocacy of children's reading and learning programs. In addition to its wonderful genre offerings, Mysterious Galaxy also promotes juvenile and young adult fiction. The store seems to be pretty active with author readings, signings, and promotions. Wow! If I resided in the area, I would so live at this place!

Speaking of which, Lisa was talking about a Nurse Practitioner conference she may be attending in San Diego next year. It's tentative now, as there are always a dozen of these conferences going on around the country for her profession, and she doesn't always get the freedom to choose. But it's possible that we may be in the San Diego area sometime in May of next year. If we are, you can bet I'm scoping Mysterious Galaxy out while I'm there!

Check out the store if you're in the area, or visit the website I linked to above if you're not. Also, check out the Adventures in SciFi Publishing site for cool reviews, news, interviews, and podcasts in the SF field.


cindy said...

this is just down the street from me! i went to a reading for tad williams and elizabeth moon here. AND my writer boyfriend NG read there! yes, that was where the famous foto was shot! =D

the person who markets YA fantasy has already given me a card and asked me to send her an arc. they are super friendly and hands on at MG, and it's a true labor of genre love. you'll have to come and check it out for sure!

David Batista said...

Wow, small world, huh? I had no idea you were that close to the place, and that you knew of it so well. Now even more reason for me to check it out.

This is awesome! :)

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