Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Be Fooled

Was cleaning out my grandmother's house over the weekend (the house I grew up in) and came across some old pics from high school. OMG, what a blast from the past! I forgot I had these hidden there, or else I would have confiscated them sooner. :)

Anyway, this photo is perhaps one of the very few "glamor" pics I've ever had done. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not one for taking pictures. I'm more likely to be the one taking the photo rather than being in one. But that being said, this was one of Lisa's favorites taken of me in senior year when the school's photographer came around to take our yearbook photos. Lisa had a smaller copy of this one that I had given to her when we went off to college. Her friends would stop by her dorm and tell her that her BF looked like a model.

Haha, looks like the photographer did his job well and fooled them all! But of course I was still flattered despite not thinking the pic was all that accurate.

Oh well, decided to post it here to embarrass myself. Looking at it now, I can't believe I was ever that young and unaware of what the world had in store for me.

I kinda miss those carefree days.

Great, now I sound like an old man. I better stop while I can.


cindy said...

i guess virgoan vanity is lost on you? love the foto!!

David said...

Heh, must be. But I do have *some* vanity, and a healthy dose of ego to boot. Just not a lot.

But if I get a laptop with a built-in cam like yours, this might just change. :)

cindy said...

hah! i knew it! ;*) but i'm sure i flex more than you ever will--maybe it's a weak girly complex. haha!

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