Monday, October 6, 2008

My Childhood's Just Been Raped!

I hate when proof of my advancing years rears its ugly head.

I was watching the Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel today. It's a game show that takes place in a New York City taxi cab. The driver, comedian Ben Bailey, drives people to their destinations in Manhattan, asking them trivia questions along the way for money.

Anyway, these three young jackholes get in the cab. They can't be older than 23. They're dumber that a sack full of hammers. But the one question they got wrong is one which I, as a child of the 80s, just can't forgive.

The question Ben posed to these three simpletons was this:

"Using Muppets to explore prejudice, what 1980s series from Jim Henson featured 'Doozers,' 'Gorgs,' and the all-knowing 'Trash Heap'?"

These fools start hemming and hawing over the question like as if Ben asked them to break down the fundamental laws of thermodynamics or something. To my horror, the words I keep hearing in the bedlam of dumb-fuckery that ensues in the back of the cab is "sesame" and "street." Finally, they settle on that answer and are, of course, buzzed wrong.

WTF? Do these morons not know of the great and powerful Fraggle Rock series? How is it possible to have gone through childhood and not at least have heard of the show, let alone watched it? True, maybe they didn't have HBO. But I have friends who didn't grow up on HBO like I did, yet still know about Fraggle Rock. It's Jim Henson, for crying out loud! Btw, the show ran from 1983 to 1987.

After being told the correct answer, they all three of them screwed up their faces in disgust. Like as if to say: how the hell were we supposed to get that? One of these geniuses even had to add insult to injury by offering up this salient quip: "Dude, it's the 80s! What'd you expect?" Like as if this happened in the ancient mythos of prehistory, LONG before the birth of civilization and all things Nickelodeon.

Anyway, that just irked me as you can see. :-) To make up for it, here's a video of the Fraggle Rock opening theme number, which delighted me to no end when I was a kid. I remember Sunday nights spent first watching Knight Rider on NBC, then switching the cable box on and catching Fraggle Rock right after. Those were the best times to be a kid.

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  1. Man-o-man! I used to love that show! Those guys were morons! Some of these people in their twenties wonder why I refer to them as kids. Shit like this is why! Yes, call me old. I'm from a time before video games rotted the brain, kids actually played with each other, and TV was more than brain crack! I have a brain and was taught to think. These idiots probably can't even memorize a phone number anymore. Memorize? What's that? The more technologically advanced we get the stupider the following generations become. So sad. I'ma make sure I teach my children how to use their brains!


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