Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are You Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck?

With your Internet service provider (ISP), that is?

Here, go to this website to test the speed of your Internet connection:

Now, see if your results match what your ISP claims you should be getting. If your actual speed doesn't match up favorably with their quoted offerings, then you should get them to credit your account. You shouldn't be paying full price for a gimped Internet connection.

No, seriously, don't let them get away with this BS. Some cable Internet providers, for instance, are banking on customer ignorance to keep this practice going in secret. They might even blame your hardware, or loose wiring or some such nonsense. Don't let them. This is something they do to free up bandwidth for other higher profile or more educated customers to consume. Don't be left behind!

Luckily for me, Cablevision listened and did as I asked. I was going to threaten them with leaving for Verizon FiOS, too. But turns out I didn't need to.

Still, I'm going to be switching to FiOS at some point within the year, anyway, as more and more neighborhoods in the Bronx get setup for it.

I so can't wait for that day!


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