Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hollywood's Desperate . . . And More Dead Island!

Well, I told you I would update you on more Dead Island news whenever it became available. And now there's word that I'm not the only who was seriously impressed by the trailer of the game, which I first discussed here. Word has it that some Hollywood execs were so impressed by the video--which quickly went viral upon its revealing--that they immediately put the game on the fast track for development as a movie despite next to nothing even being known about the title. Not only that, but they specifically want the movie to be a Memento-style zombie survival flick--all because the trailer is shown in reverse order and in spite of the fact that the game itself will not play out in this fashion.

Can I get a big WTF?

Damn, Hollywood execs! Are you really that hard up for ideas? Not only are you making a movie out of a game that hasn't even been released yet, but you're specifically asking for it to be in a style that was only dreamed up by the game's PR minds for the purpose of marketing only?

It's a bizarre world we live in, folks. If you'd like, you can read the full story over at IGN Movies.

And while we're mentioning IGN, who first brought us the original trailer for Dead Island, the "Rewind Theater" folks over there have already dissected said vid and pointed out some juicy tidbits some of you may not have noticed upon your first viewing. Or, in my case, the 30th viewing!

In any event, below is their dissection of the Dead Island trailer. I think it'll be worth your while to watch, simply because it shows you only how awesome the trailer really is! This is quickly becoming the breakout title of the year that I had no idea was coming out.


Yvonne said...

I got nothin. I just wanted to say, WTF??? lol
Actually, I did read the story to better understand your state of pissed-off-ation. I tend to agree with you that Hollywood execs are "hard up for ideas", but it's a brilliant marketing ploy for them. They have a "win-win" mentality with lots of dollar signs in the picture. Anyway, these are just my jibberish thoughts on this topic.

David Batista said...

Not jibberish. I'm glad to see we're on the same page, in fact. And yes, with Hollywood, money talks apparently. This game will be put through the movie hit-maker machine and only time (and audiences) will tell whether or not that machine is broken.

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