Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Many Bites?

No, not: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop?"

But rather . . .

How many bites into this does it take to kill a man? I say about two and a half, how 'bout you?

In case you need further elaboration, this is the famed Carnegie Deli's brand new addition to the menu -- the "Melo" sandwich! Yes, in honor of the monster trade that just transpired two days ago which brought the talented Denver Nuggets' baller here to NYC, the owner of the deli created a sandwich in Carmelo Anthony's name. Aww, isn't that sweet?

The Carnegie Deli--located near Carnegie Hall on 7th Avenue and famous worldwide for its pastrami sandwiches--is a favorite of both tourists and locals alike here in the Big Apple. I've been there twice when I was younger and have to say that, even though the proportions are truly too much, I really enjoy their sandwiches.

This Melo Sandwich has potential. I would never eat this on a regular basis (it does look rather gross, doesn't it?) but I have to admit the novelty factor intrigues me. The sandwich is made up of four different and artery-clogging cured meats: pastrami, corned beef, salami, AND bacon.

I mean--whoa!

I know some of you are resisiting the urge to hurl now. It's okay, I understand. If you want, you can read up some more on the breaking news here. Or not.

Personally I think it's a fun and uniquely New York way to show our appreciation and expectations for this new addition to NY sports. Plus, it's nice to see the Knicks get some good news for a change. Maybe now with the complete trifecta going on--Stoudemire, Anthony, and Billups--they can actually start winning some games!

Yeah, I know I'm asking for too much.


Yvonne said...

That is a huge sandwich! OMG!It does look rather gross! Hopefully, that sandwich and the name will be enough to help the Knicks in the WIN column! ha! I've never been to NY but have always, always wanted to visit Carnegie Hall whenever I do go. And now, I'll add the deli too! :)

David Batista said...

LOL! I hope it does the trick. Tonight is the first night the new additions to the team play.

And, oh yes . . . any trip to NYC, especially the Carnegie Hall area, requires a stop to this deli! In actuality, it's not even my favorite deli, though. That would be the 2nd Avenue Deli, which is probably more beloved by locals but not as well-known to tourists as the Carnegie Deli is.

Botanist said...

Hey! Looks like there's some salad in there too, David, so surely that makes it healthy? :D

David Batista said...

It totally does, Ian. LOL!

Of course, to make it truly complete I would need the side of cole slaw and a pickle that's supposed to go with it. Now that's authentic NY deli eatin' right there! :)

KLo said...

My jaw hurts just looking at it ...

I've always wondered when ordering a club sandwich or something if proper etiquette involves a knife and fork or just opening your mouth really wide. I'm think the knife and fork must be the right answer, since obviously no one's mouth is going to open wide enough to take all of that in ...

That being said, I'm kind of tempted to take a drive in that direction and try it. It's amazing how appealing the overexaggerated becomes, isn't it ;)?

David Batista said...

In New York, eating any of our popular local staples (pizza, hamburgers, pastrami sandwiches . . . hot dogs) with a knife and fork immediately marks you as an out-of-towner and a rube. :) Some will even call you pretentious.

I know it would make more sense to eat something like this with some form of cutlery on hand, but real New Yorkers loathe not being able to use just their hands to eat. It might not seem like it, but this actually can be eaten sans utensils. For me personally, I get extra bread and make smaller sandwiches out of the big one. But I've seen other people take on the "big one" all by themselves . . . with huge, open-maw bites! Ouch!

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