Monday, February 14, 2011

Arya Stark Personified!

Those of you new to this blog may have missed this, but I've been gushing about HBO's upcoming epic fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones, for over two years now. And yet I *still* can't believe we're only two months away from the premiere. If you don't already subscribe to HBO, I seriously recommend you start now. Especially if you're a fan of big sprawling fantasy dramas (ala The Lord of the Rings movies).

I've mentioned it before how much I've been impressed by the wonderful casting of this show. Many of the actors look and sound so close to their literary counterparts that's it's becoming positively eerie how much attention the showrunners are paying to the little details. I'm especially impressed by the casting of the many Stark children: Rob, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Brandon, and Rickon. They're all so PERFECT!

And none more so than perhaps everyone's favorite Stark child: Arya. She's being portrayed in the series by newcomer British actress, Maisie Williams. I love Arya in the books! She's so small and disregarded, treated like a baby sometimes by her older siblings and even the adults, and yet she goes through such tremendous personal hardships and change throughout the course of the first book and beyond. Her and her older sister have quite the tumultuous relationship, too (think Laura Ingalls and Nelly Olsen from the tv show, if they were sisters) -- truly they could not be further apart in both looks and temperament. At one point, their antagonism gets to such a head that, to keep her out of trouble, their father Ned charges a most skilled, but down on his luck, Braavosi swordsman named Syrio with teaching Arya the rudiments of sword training. Much to the surprise of everyone, this little girl takes to the art like a natural and learns skills that will be put to use in very short order once the political intriguing really starts to get thick.

A lot of fan rumbling has echoed across the interwebs about the casting of Arya. But now everyone is pretty much unanimous -- Maisie *IS* Arya! No doubt about it. In fact, take a look at this most recent video clip from HBO's "Artisan" production promos and see for yourself:

Is she not just absolutely perfect? And so adorable to boot! I swear, this little girl is the very embodiment of the character. She might as well have climbed out of the very pages! Maisie was so dedicated to the role, in fact, that she even volunteered to learn all her sword choreography left-handed to bring that extra bit of authenticity from the book despite being right-handed in real life.

Wow! I mean, seriously!

Yes, I'm officially beyond excited for April to arrive. One of my all time favorite fantasy series is coming to one of my favorite cable television networks. I can already feel this being a very good year!

If you would like to go back and view all my previous entries regarding the show's progress, click on the "Game of Thrones" tag at the bottom of this entry and scroll all the way back to the beginning. Or you can watch the first official trailer here to get a quick idea of what to expect.

Hey, you might discover you actually want to watch this, and then I shall have done my good deed for the week. How's about that, now?

And, as always, remember the ancient Stark family motto: "Winter is Coming!"


Yvonne said...

Good for you! I'm not a Lord of the Rings fan at all or fantasy movies. But that little girl IS adorable! And left-handers rock! ;)

David Batista said...

No, I understand that fantasy is not everyone's cup of tea. I'm more of a sci-fi fan, myself. But I honestly think this is a show anyone will like simply for the intricate drama of it all.

Unless you don't like dramas, complete with delicious political intrigues and lots of twist-turns, that is.

Kim Kasch said...

I haven't been waiting for this one - but I will definitely check it out.

Just watched The Black Swan - not scary enough for me. My son says, "You like 'BOO' scarey." So true.

But maybe for a change of pace I could try a peek at Game of Thrones

David Batista said...

Well, Black Swan wasn't meant to be scary . . . it's not in the horror genre . . . so I'm not surprised you didin't find it scary. :)

But, YAY! if you decide to watch Game.

The Frisky Virgin said...

Oooooooooooooooooooooh, I CANNOT WAIT for this!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fantasy-related stories, movies, t.v. shows, etc. This post just made me want to fast-forward to April!!!!!

David Batista said...

Oh cool! I had no idea you liked fantasy, too. I'm so happy I know someone else, now, who's excited for this -- w00t!

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