Monday, August 17, 2009

Aw, Hell NAW!!!

I like Bryan Singer, but this time he's gone too far! He wants to do a Battlestar Galactica movie which ignores the most recent tv series and, instead, hearkens back to the older series. WTF?

"It's not clear whether Ronald Moore, exec producer of the recent series, will be invited to write the screenplay, but Singer will clearly put his own creative stamp on the project, as the studio indicates that the film will be "a complete reimagination."

I suspect Glen Larson is the mastermind behind this decision, since he has never been happy with the updated sci-fi channel version, which pretty much chucks the entire story of his original tv show straight out the nearest airlock.

But, really? Are execs in tv land really so clueless as to think people WANT to see yet another re-imagining of this property?

We just got one! And it was pretty frakkin GOOD, if you ask me!

*mumble, mumble*


  1. I'll have to ask my husband - never been too huge in BG but he loves it.

  2. The original tv show was kitchy and a wonky Star Wars ripoff even in those days. Horribly aged by today's standards.

    But the new series which just concluded on the Sci-fi channel was the next coming of AWESOME! It's considered by many to be the best sci-fi series in recent memory.

    For Singer to want to do a movie not based on the new series, but the old crappy one is kinda puzzling. Especially since the entire franchise has been completely made over in the eyes of fans.

    This would have made more sense before 2004 when the new series was just being greenlit.


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