Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh, Right Down My Alley!

I absolutely *LOVE* the Castlevania video game franchise. It was one of the first games I got for the Nintendo back in the mid-80s, and I've been hooked ever since. Although over the last few years the various and numerous iterations have soured me a bit, it looks like my favorite game designer--Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear fame)--will try his hand at remaking this cherished series. I couldn't think of a better guy to hand over the reins!

The name of the game is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and stars some impressive Hollywood talent providing the voices.

Check out the trailer below and see the new look of Castlevania for yourself:

Hmm, kinda reminds one of God of War, doesn't it? This of course is not a bad thing, and might in fact be just the element needed to bring Castlevania back to the heights of seriousness it once enjoyed. I'm definitely loving the story presentation so far. I'll be keeping an eye on this one in the months to come.


Ashe Hunt said...

Now, THIS I can play with no problem!

David Batista said...

I hope so. You seriously need to get back into gaming before it evolves to the point of no return for our generation.

You don't want to be *THAT* old man. The one who can't understand kids and their new-fangled toys! (haha)

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