Monday, August 24, 2009

Ugh! It's Been One Of Those Days . . .

You know the type of day I'm talking about. Nothing specific to lay a finger on, but you know *something's* bugging you. Work, personal life--it could be anything. All you know is, your day just feels like shit.

That was my day.

As a consequence, I never did get around to seeing Inglourious Basterds. Just wasn't in the mood, despite knowing I will totally love this flick. *sigh* Will I ever get to watch it this week?

I think I will tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Definitely by the end of this coming weekend, although I hope I don't have to wait that long.

Anyway, I'm going to get ready for bed and curl up with a good book. I'm reading The Steel Remains by one of my favorite SF authors, Richard Morgan. The book is his first "fantasy." I have that in quotes because I get the suspicious feeling that this is really a sci-fi book in disguise. Which would just be too COOL if my hunch plays out. I like what he's doing so far. He turns a lot of the well worn fantasy tropes on their ears.

What do I mean? Well, I'll leave you with this tidbit: the main swashbuckling, brawny hero is homosexual. Oh, and he says "fuck" a lot. In other words, typical Morgan bad-ass . . . but with a twist. He does this so well!

I want to be Richard Morgan when I grow up. (heh, heh)

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