Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Thought Of The Day

Someone needs to open up a legal non-profit conjugal service center for adult males over the age of 30. Where they come in, get petted by beautiful ladies who coo at them, and are told that their manly manliness is too overpowering for mere mortal women, and which is why they're not able to score meaningful dates with the opposite sex or get past the "friend zone." Because, you know, they're just too MANLY. Yeah. That's right.

Because, honestly, if more 40 year-old virgins would get laid, then maybe less mass murder-suicides will take place.

Just saying.

Also, reducing gun access privileges might help. Not that I'm against guns (I'm not). I just think it should be MUCH harder to get one in this country. Much harder.


EDIT: In case it wasn't already obvious, the above is satire. I do think that what most of these disassociated lose . . . I mean, loners . . . have in common is the objectifying of women and treating relationships as status symbols of one's success in life. And, in that regard, society and the media is every much to blame as these sad sacks of sexual angst are.

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