Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cash For Clunkers

So lemme see here:

Program instituted to get Americans to turn in their old, inefficient gas-guzzling road tanks and get credit towards purchasing a new, "greener" car. Check.

Billions of dollars set aside to back the program, and hopefully spur the economy. Check.

Money estimated to last three months, based on fiscally conservative projections. Check.

Republicans scoff; call Democrats naive for thinking such an ill-thought out scheme can pull a change in the lagging auto industry. Check.

Program begins. People go ape shit. Car dealers are raking in the new sales like gangbusters. Money runs out in days rather than months. Check.

Democrats proclaim unprecedented success. Economy stimulated, car owners ecstatic, more environmentally-friendly vehicles are on the road. Ask for more money to continue program. Check.

Republicans (and Fox news) cry foul; blame Democrats for mismanagement of funds; proclaim entire program an unmitigated failure. Label Obama a commie.



Same old song, same old dance. And the band plays on . . .

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