Monday, August 3, 2009

New Month, New Game

I was going to play through inFamous for a second time, but honestly I hate playing games over when I have so little time to play the ones which I haven't gotten around to yet. So even though I wanted to unlock some more bonus trophies, I had to move on. Plus, I just wasn't having any fun since I had already seen all the missions before, albeit as a bad guy now and on a higher difficulty setting.

So, what am I playing now, you might ask? Well, first off, thanks for asking! And to answer your wonderfully prescient inquiry, all you have to do is glance rightward at my "Now Playing" sidebar.

Yup, after much, much delay, I've *finally* got around to starting up Dead Space. It's been out since October, so that should give you an idea of how full my gaming plate has been these past few months. And lets not even get into the the next 9 months coming up.

Anyway, Dead Space is a fun little game. It's sci-fi and horror mixed into one, sorta like the movies Alien and Dawn of the Dead combined. Or, as some gamers have put it: Resident Evil in space! But in actuality it reminds me a lot of Bioshock, at least in terms of the thrills and spills. While not quite as creepily atmospheric as the latter title, Dead Space *does* have its moments. And I've only just started! I can only shudder to think what's in store for me later.

The cool part of this game is that it is not your typical shooter. You're an engineer named Isaac. Isaac is pining away for a girl named Nicole who is trapped aboard the deep-space mining vessel Isaac and his team are investigating. His only clue is a distress message Nicole sent a few days earlier. Because Isaac is not some bad-ass soldierly type, when the shit eventually hits the fan (and boy does it ever!), he's left to using the tools of his trade to keep ahead of being some mutated miner's lunch. This means metal slicers, bolt cutters, mining drills, flamethrowers, that sort of thing. True, these so-called "blue-collar" tools are designed more like guns in the game, but it's the novelty of the approach that I appreciate.

Last Fall I had originally wrote off Dead Space as just another Resident Evil ripoff, and with RE5 coming out a few months later, I decided to wait around for that instead. But now that I'm playing the title, I can see I was wrong to dismiss it. It really is an exciting experience. I'm loving all the intricate details of the level designs, and also the abilities Isaac can upgrade his RIG suit to perform. And the way you kill enemies is new, too. Instead of shooting them in the trunk or head the way most shooters train you to do, the only real way to take down enemies here is to slice off their limbs first. So if a big, hulking brute is barreling towards you down a long, narrow corridor, slice it off at the knees first to cause the creature to fall flat on his face. Then, as he tries to claw his way towards you, adjust you plasma cutter and take out each of his arms. After that, curb stomp the head for a truly gruesome finish.

Sounds good to you? Because that's about damn fucking AWESOME in my book!

Anyway, I've only just begun, so keep checking the sidebar for continued updates. I've already finished chapter 1, and am just a tiny ways into chapter 2. I'm moving pretty quickly because I want to finish this up by August 25th, just in time for Batman: Arkham Asylum, which I gush about exactly one post down.

Oh, and here's a trailer for Dead Space if you want an idea of what I'm dealing with:

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