Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tarantino Must Be Creaming His Shorts Over This Game

Like I've mentioned once or twice before, I don't usually like to talk about upcoming games until just when they are about to hit stores, so I've been keeping this little gem to myself. But since the September 15 release date is fast approaching, I finally get to let loose!

The game is called WET, and it is a kick-ass, gun-for-hire, 'splosions and potty-mouth type of title that you all know I luv so much! Developed by A2M and published by Bethesda, WET stars Ruby, a no-nonsense, dual pistol-wielding, sword brandishing hired merc who looks like she eats glass for breakfast and craps chandeliers before lunch. In other words, someone Quentin Tarantino would base a series of movies around.

In fact, this game looks to be borrowing quite heavily from Tarantino's cherished brand of 70s grindhouse and exploitation gangster movies, much in the same vein as Kill Bill. One level in the game is almost a direct ripoff of the House of Blue Leaves sequence in that movie, in fact.

The story, from what I could gather, revolves around a job gone wrong for Rubi (voiced by tv's Eliza Dushku), in which her employer betrays her and leaves her for dead. What follows, naturally, is a blood-soaked quest for revenge. Cuz, you know, that's like the unspoken rule among these badass types after all.

The art direction is very frenetic and quirky, as befitting the game's B-movie action inspirations. And one red-and-white tinged sequence in particular even strongly evokes Robert Rodriguez's Sin City film from a few years back, which I just absolutely ADORE! The gameplay looks to match the visuals, with blistering fast gun battles, insane acrobatics, and intense sword duels just to name a few elements.

Anyway, you don't have to take my word for it, see the trailer for yourself:

Nice, right? I particularly enjoy the doctoring of the footage to resemble the Grindhouse trailers from a few years back. You can definitely feel the QT touch at work. And while you're at it, I'm posting up a little behind the scenes footage from IGN's website:

Enjoy! Since I'm going to be busy with Batman: Arkham Asylum, I don't know if I'll get around to playing this game. I guess I'll wait to read the reviews and judge gamer reactions before I decide. But as of right now, this game is looking like THE SHIT!

Hope it lives up to expectations.

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  1. I saw posters up for this in the subway. I thought it was some new anime film or something. ( I didn't stop to actually read the thing.) But it did look interesting. And I figured it was about an assassin being the chick was all geared up and the WET was the title. I think I'll be getting this. I just love badass female characters!


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