Thursday, August 20, 2009

Subway Pet Peeve

Today's annoyance is: health care workers who wear their scrubs on the subway when going to and from work.

Actually, this is Lisa's pet peeve, but it's one which I now share too! These people--usually lab techs and nurse's aides--want everyone to think that they're big shot doctors or other medical professionals, looking like they just stepped off the set of Grey's Anatomy.

Or maybe it's just more convenient for them.

Being the cynic that I am, I'm inclined to believe the former. Anyway, they're supposed to know better. The NYC subways are vile, disgusting cesspools of germs and airborne viruses. And yet, you're going to wear clothing that will soon be in contact with patients that are at their weakest and most health-compromised states of their lives?

Yeah, that makes a LOT of sense.

Lisa actually goes to the trouble of putting her scrubs in a plastic covering and carrying them in her bag when she goes to work. All hospitals have lockers for a reason. Workers should change out of their street clothes and into their scrubs AT work.

To not do so is lazy and negligent, and I can't believe more isn't being done to stop this practice.

What do you think? Take a look the next time you ride the subway (especially in the morning) and count how many people you see wearing scrubs. Now imagine you're in the hospital--god forbid--going through chemo or some other immune-weakening procedure and one of these people is attending to you.

Scary, huh?

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