Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Overheard Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

My cute little nephew, Chandler, just turned 2 last month and has been speaking up a storm. I mean complete sentences that are surprisingly clear and to the point -- LOL! I guess he gets it from watching that kiddie cable channel, Noggin, of which I know nothing about. But some of the phrases he clearly gets from listening to his mommie and daddie.

The other night his mother (Lisa's sister) called from the other room and asked him: what are you doing?

To which Chandler replied: "Don't worry about it!"

Haha, how funny is that? He definitely got that from his father, who uses the phrase often enough.

I've also heard him call both his parents by their respective pet names for each other, which is a trip and a half! "Hey, babe" he said to his mother, tapping her on her elbow to get her attention. She quickly got him to drop that habit. Could you imagine if that happened in public? Awww . . .

When his great aunt came over one day and wanted to pick him up, Chandler held up his hand and shook his head, saying: "Don't touch me!"

We all shook our heads and wondered where he picked up *that* one.

I tell you, it's so much fun watching kids' little minds develop. Actually, it's a little scary just how quickly they absorb things. He's definitely 2 going on 20!

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